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You are most welcome to efg maker space and we are very grateful to have you with us.

Maker Space is a place for those who like to build, invent, and creat.

  • making a college project and want to discuss the idea ?
  • Creating a prototype of a product you have in mind?
  • do embedded systems scare you ? let’s begin with hello world. 
  • Want to collaborate with people for a project you are currently building? 

This section allows you to discuss your project with community members and at the same time you can also post your project with which you need help.

Note : for general queries kindly visit forums and we would be happy to answer them.

You made something ? yeah. Let’s show it to everyone and so people get inspired and learn from you or may be someone can suggest you better implementation to reduce the complexity of your project.

Note : Everyone idea counts and deserve a thumbs up.


hey, I know you can do this. you have the skill and you know how electronics work and that’s what matters. Topic is your’s, just let us know about that and we have got a big space for you.

Note : electronics is very vast and people need the easiest explanation.