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Arduino-junior :

Arduino-junior is a basic enrichment program to facilitate robotics education among the young age children right from grass roots. This workshop aims to provide a technical platform to the School students from grade 6 to 12th.

Robotics is a vast subject and can not be covered in a short and at the same time it consist of various domains but everyone has to start at some point and so this course comes into the presence. It consists of fundamentals and practical concepts of basic electronics, basic mechanics, robotics and its various applications.


( ** You can’t take Kits home. )

Frequently asked questions :

Q: Who should attend this workshop ?

Students (grade 6th – 12th), college students, electronics hobbyist and industry professionals.

Q: Why robotics is important to my child ?

Robotics is a multi-disciplinary field which combines mechanical, electrical, electronics and programming domains of science. It is ideal for young students because it exposes them to hands-on applications of math, science, and engineering concepts.

In addition, robotics motivates children understand how things work and encourages them to use their creativity and imagination skills during designing robots. 

Q: What will my child learn/understand from this workshop ? 

Arduino-Junior focuses on the creativity of the child. Participants will learn to design, build and program autonomous robots. Student will experience the practical aspects of science and technology and develop numerous skills including real time problem solving, logical reasoning, analytic thinking, communication and self confidence.

Q: Can my child build and program robots ? 

 Offcourse. Educational robotics is quite a common concept in US, UK and Japan. There are various robotics competition and programs already running to support the child education at the very young age. We teach and give personal care to every child so they can grab most out of it . After this program each child will be in a position to build and program a robot.

Q: What is program structure ?

This is a 40 Hour enrichment program and is totally focused on the intense development of child. Program can be implemented as per the convenience of schools or related authorities. 

Q: What is the content for the workshop ?

Kindly contact us at [email protected] for content.